We use science and specialized farming to create more nutrient dense food.


The result is reduced chemicals and more carbon in the soil.


That means you consume more nutritious unprocessed food.


Our science and regenerative farming techniques deliver cutting-edge benefits never before possible.

We’re making the same foods you’re eating now more nutrient-dense. Our work includes:

1. Eggs with higher IgY, which improves immunity, brain health and eye health,

2. Wine with higher levels of Resveratrol, reducing inflammation and the signs of aging,

3. Coffee with more anti-oxidants for longevity and better overall health.

Specific Nutrients for Health & Wellness

Better nutrition can affect many diseases and conditions by actually healing your body.

Age Specific Nutrients for Longevity

New breakthroughs mean you can live longer and healthier

Auto-Immune Specific Nutrients

Reducing inflammation to battle Auto-Immune Disorders

Gut Health Specific Nutrients

Every function of your body improves with better gut health

Nutrients for Diet & Weight Loss

Lose weight easier and keep it off for the rest of your life

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Recent Studies Show Nutrition has more impact than medicine

It’s important to maintain a healthy diet, but with today’s factory farming techniques and ultra-processed food, the food you eat is not as nutrient-dense as it was for your grandparents.

That’s where UXHealth Biotech comes in. Our proprietary processes and protocols help your healthy food be heathier for you. And through regenerative farming, we help make the environment healthier too.

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